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the wistfulness of presence

Läsnäolon haikeudesta (6.40 min, 2020) is a video work about home and how being in a place influences who we are. The work was filmed in Finland and Switzerland. Started before the pandemic, the piece was finished when traveling between the two home countries was not possible. 

In 2020, the video work won the Corona Call –prize by Visarte, the Visual Arts Association of Switzerland. It has been exhibited in various galleries during 2021-23.


Exhibited in

With Marja Helander & Sasha Huber, curated by Birgit Widmer, Gabriela Falkner & Katharina Stoll-Cavelti, Nextex/Auto, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Group exhibition curated by Antonia Nessi, Fondation Louis Moret & Distillerie Morand, Martigny, Switzerland. See video by Canal 9article by Le Nouvelliste and radio article by Rhone FM for more information.

Group exhibition curated by Christoph Doswald, Pop-up Space Locarno, Switzerland.

Group exhibition curated by Sibylle Omlin & Richard Tisserand, Kunstraum Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. See article by Tagblatt and article by Thurgau Kultur for more info.

Group exhibition curated by Klara Piza & Ulrich Gerster, Wasserkirche & Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich, Switzerland. See article and radio interview by SRF Swiss Radio and TV for more info.

Impressions from the Exhibitions

Picture by C. Voisin (c)

Corona Call Martigny

Fondation Louis Moret, Distillerie Morand, Martigny, Switzerland, 12.03–10.04.2022.

Curated by Antonia Nessi.

With Aino Dudle, Catherine Gfeller, Andrea Heller, Luc Marelli, Anne-Chantal Pitteloud, Nicolas Polli, Anne-Claude Rigo and Denis Roueche.


Picture by C. Voisin (c)


Corona Call Locarno

Pop-up Space Locarno, Switzerland,


Curated by Christoph Doswald.

With Beni Bischof, Aino Dudle, Julie Folly, Clare Goodwin, Barbara Hennig Marques / Olivia Lecomte, Jan Hofer, Parvez, Lee Lichtenstein, Dawn Nilo, Nicolas Polli, Ursula Scherrer, Grégory Sugnaux, Sebastian Utzni, Jana Vanecek and Gregor Vogel.

Corona Call Kreuzlingen

Kunstraum Kreuzlingen, Switzerland,


Curated by Sibylle Omlin and Richard Tisserand.

With Beni Bischof, Bettina Carl, Aino Dudle, Andreas Fürer/Sonjoi Nielsen/Yangzom Sharlhey, Miroslaw Halaba, Andrea Heller, Till Langschied, Jon Merz, Rosanna Monteleone, Nicolas Polli, Denis Roueche, The Sporthorses & The Guggenheim Box, Kollektiv U5, Sebastian Utzni and Gregor Vogel.


Corona Call Zürich

Wasserkirche/Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich, 18.04–24.05.2021. Curated by Klara Piza and Ulrich Gerster. 

With Beni Bischof, Aino Dudle, Julie Folly, Andreas Fürer/Sonjoi Nielsen/Yangzom Sharlhey (Kollektiv), Clare Goodwin, Till Langschied, Luc Marelli, Nicolas Polli, Anna Rudolf, Hanga Séra, Sebastian Utzni and Gregor Vogel.

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