I am a Swiss/Finnish social worker and art education student. I am currently based in Helsinki, Finland, where I am completing my MA in Art Education at Aalto University.

In my educational and creative work, I focus on questions about transcultural hybrid identities in different spaces and cultures. These manifestations of the invisible, our physical existence and our affiliation to the invisible – are my main source of inspiration.
I am trying to catch individual meanings, state of minds, contrasts, changes or motions between people and their environments, also drawing autobiographical parallels.

In this ongoing exploration, I am working with different mediums, capturing shared phenomena in contrast to loneliness and individuality. I am fascinated by the dialogue of my intended actions and accidental effects a technique might add to my work. As I like to explore the idea and work process through different mediums, I am constantly improving my palette of mediums and methods.
The materials I work with often carry a history and their physical nature is of great importance to me.